“Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim”
B.K.S. Iyengar

Welcome to Glow Yoga

Glow Yoga offers enlightening, uplifting and inspiring yoga classes suitable for all ages, levels and abilities in a comfortable, relaxed and friendly environment.

Through the efficient use of our breath and physical bodies, relaxation and positive thinking techniques and guided meditation, Glow Yoga classes:

Calm, clear and soothe the mind. MIND.
Lengthen, strengthen and challenge the body. BODY.
Heal, restore and nuture the spirit. SPIRIT.

Ultimately leaving us happier, more stable and grounded human beings, better able to focus, concentrate, live up to and even exceed life’s day-to-day demands and expectations.

And why not?!

After all, health and happiness are our birth-right, so we should give ourselves the chance to be the best people we can be - both for ourselves and our loved ones - through the practise of yoga.

People are initially drawn to yoga for many different reasons: a sense of calm and wellbeing, to work on their posture, build strength, increase flexibility, for rehabilitation, relaxation...but what they find is that the many, many benefits of yoga are all encompassing; so vast and so profound it makes them wonder how they ever did without yoga before!

During a yoga lesson the burden of our past is forgotten, the uncertainty of our future is cast aside, and we are able to find ourselves fully present; better able to stabilise our emotions and feelings, relax the body, quieten the mind and ultimately recognise and honour our true selves.

Yoga cultivates an immense sense of self-awareness, inner happiness and contentment, thus promoting sensible and empowering life-choices and engaging us with the present moment.

There is a yoga path for everyone! Come and find yours at a Glow Yoga class.